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Elite Edupreneurs: Empowering Educators to Become Entrepreneurs

Aug 7, 2018

Show Notes & Links

Elite Edupreneurs: Empowering Educators to Become Entrepreneurs

8/7/18 Episode 60: Aileen Miracle - Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room


In today’s episode I chat with Aileen Miracle from Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room. Aileen shares how she uses 5 day challenges to engage her email subscribers, how to create strong blog content, and how she uses a variety of technology hacks to enhance her business. Aileen also has her own course and podcast!


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Kerry Tracy’s Episode


Kerry Tracy’s Video Crash Course




UTM Builder


Deanna Jump Video


Music Seller FB Group - Email Aileen to Join:


Erin Condren Life Planner






Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast Episode 144 - 5 Day Challenge


Kristen Rivera TpT


Aileen’s Course for Music Teachers


Aileen’s Podcast


Rich Brooks


Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers Podcast


Focused Success Course

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